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Baseball World Figure Skating Championships: Does it get any better than this? To make a very long week short, I want to share the sights and sounds of my Worlds experience through pictures. During this Worlds I tried to be an equal opportunity photographer. My Yuzu photos are coming soon….. I threw on a mm lens and was ready to go.

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Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won the first place in the pair skating short program with The pair showed their strength in the music of Hallelujah with a clean and complete program, earning them the highest technical score of I hope we can do better in the final,” said Han. Unlike Han, Sui admitted that she suffered a mental crash before the game. I don’t know why, maybe because of pressure. But it turned out to be a good thing.

The Team Figure Skating Competition is new this year, and ten countries will be battling to the death in the ring of fire to earn the grand crown of the universe: Canada, Russia, U.S., Japan.

Physical, emotional, and intellectual involvement Carriage and alignment Style and individuality, i. Effortless movements in time to the music Expression of the music’s style, character, and rhythm Use of finesse to reflect the nuances of music Relationship between the partners reflecting the character of the music, equal understanding of the music Eligibility[ edit ] Pair skaters may struggle to find a good match — in terms of skills, technique, style, height differential, goals, and personality — in their native country.

Some look abroad and agree to represent another country. Skaters may represent a country of which they are not yet a citizen in most competitions, except the Olympics which require citizenship. If a skater has previously represented another country, International Skating Union rules bar the skater from 24 months of international competition from the date of his or her last major event for the previous country, or 12 months from a minor event. To ease the difficulty of finding a partner, the period may be 12 months from a major event for pair skaters and ice dancers but only if the skater is released by his or her previous skating federation.

In , the International Skating Union imposed age requirements. In order to compete at Worlds, Europeans, Four Continents or the Olympics, skaters must be 15 before July 1 of the preceding year, or 14 for other senior international competitions. To be eligible for junior-level events, a pair skater must be 13 by July 1 but cannot have turned 19 females or 21 males. There is a risk of head injuries, most commonly as a result of falls from lifts. Irina Rodnina competed at the World Championships , despite being hospitalized a day before the start of the competition with a concussion and an intracranial hematoma.

Paul Binnebose suffered a nearly fatal head injury when he fell while lifting his partner; he was partly paralysed and did not return to competition.


They were expected to be challenged by two-time World Champions and reigning Olympic bronze medalists Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo , but an injury to Zhao initially kept them out of contention for the gold medal. However, the team was able to get back into shape for the Olympics [2]. Totmianina and Marinin took the lead after the short program, with a score of

France’s Vanessa James and France’s Morgan Cipres compete in the pair skating free skating of the figure skating event during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games at the Gangneung Ice.

Retrieved Nov 22 from https: Not the way they see themselves. Not the way they wish others – especially those objective judges – would. Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman, the U. Not well enough to be poised to make a serious medal threat, but not bad enough to be out of it. Ina and Zimmerman were left fifth heading into Monday’s final long program. The short program is worth one-third of the final score. Things pretty much skated to form throughout the night.

Ina, who took fourth at the Olympic Games at Nagano with partner Jason Dungjen, has been trying to inch back into medal contention ever since she hooked up with Zimmerman following Nagano. Last year Ina-Zimmerman were seventh at the World Championships. Ina admitted to having to overcome her emotions when the pair entered the ice and the home crowd gave them a rousing ovation. But to be able to skate like that and live up to the pressure, is incredible. On a night when the leaders were all right on, Ina-Zimmerman needed an exceptional skate to climb over the leaders.

Russia or the Soviet Union has won 10 consecutive pairs gold medals, and Berezhnaya-Sikharulidze will make it 11 in a row if they skate anything in their long program like they did Saturday.

China holds top spot after pairs figure skating short program

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Lots of gay guys in figure skating for sure, but more are het than you’d think. Random bits of gossip on the male side – Peter Oppegard is married to Michelle Kwan’s sister and a womanizer, but I .

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Volosozhar and Trankov are the current World record holders for the combined total, short program and free skate scores.

Figure skating

As a result of the disqualification, a second final race was ordered. Halswelle was to face the other two finalists William Robbins and John Taylor , but both were from the United States and decided not to contest the repeat of the final to protest the judges’ decision. Halswelle was thus the only medallist in the metres. It was the only walkover victory in Olympic history.

Taylor later ran on the Gold medal winning U.

Figure skating isn’t all just toe loops and twirls. Figure skaters fall. A lot. but it’s not always the woman who suffers the worst in pairs falls. 6. I don’t know who this is, but their overhead lift needs some work. Nastiest Figure Skating FallsApr 6, Figure skating isn’t all just toe loops and twirls. Figure skaters.

Figure Skating Figure skating was the first winter sport included in the Olympic Games when it appeared at the Summer Olympics in London. The singles and pairs competitions also appeared in the Antwerp Summer Games before making their winter debut in Chamonix in Learn More Other Sports Links Competition The major types of competitive figure skating are individual men’s and women’s competitions, pairs skating, ice dancing, and precision skating.

In individual competitions, a single skater performs required elements and is judged on how cleanly and artistically the motions are executed. Pairs skating consists of two skaters performing together. In ice dancing, partners carry out the artistic motions of dance on skates. Precision skating, which is a highly structured activity, consists of a team of skaters who perform choreographed maneuvers. Judges rate how a skater presents himself or herself, how a program relates to the music, and how the skater utilizes speed and the ice surface.

Judges award a presentation mark in both the short program and the free skate of men’s, ladies’ and pairs competition. Young people interested in figure skating may practice many of the skills needed to increase balance and grace by using in-line skates or roller blades.

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For most of these athletes, the Olympics represent the ultimate goal and their medal pursuits are the culmination of years of, if not lifelong, work. Also, France is a fairly innocuous country from which to adopt athletes. Just let it happen.

The sport of Figure Skating has been around for many years, dating all the way back to the 13th and 14th centuries where the edges of the blade were first created. In , figure skating became more popular and the first skating club, (Edinburgh Skating Club) was formed.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have another Tara role like this come up,” she added with a laugh. The Olympic champion remembers getting a call from her agent with a pitch for the role, but before reading the script, she pretty much knew she would say yes. On the very first day, you walk out of your trailer, you sit down and you’re just sitting across from Jim Carrey. Is this a real moment? There were fun moments where I tried teaching him a spin or we would do a pairs moment for a lap. So [I have] some really fun memories to look back on.

Pickles on Ice seemingly went kaput earlier this season, after Lipinski’s character was revealed to be “a really horrible human being. Obviously, I’ve skated my whole life, and stepping onto the ice and having such a different experience, that was so fantastical. Obviously, it’s such a specific world that you come from, and when competitive life is over, it’s definitely a difficult transition to figure out where, what path and road and what career you’re going to take on next.

The Hottest Men of Figure Skating

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This is the main thing. A year later she teamed up with German skater Robin Szolkowy and relocated to his country to train before taking German citizenship so they could compete internationally. Savchenko and Szolkowy won five world championship titles and bronze at the Vancouver Olympics and Sochi Games. But when Szolkowy retired in , Savchenko found herself looking for a new partner. Massot had been competing with Russian-born Daria Popova since and although the pair was set on competing for France in Sochi, Popova did not receive a French passport.

Everything happened for a reason. They had to wait for more than a year for the French Federation of Ice Sports to release Massot, but when it did in October, , Massot was still a long way from receiving a German passport.

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Both of them have a technical score and a presentation score. The Short Program SP must include 2 solo jumps, a jump combination consisting of two jumps, 3 spins and one Step Sequence fully utilizing the ice surface. Free Skate FS contains jump elements, jump combinations or jump sequences. The Free Skate also has 3 spins, one Step Sequence fully utilizing the ice surface and a choreographic sequence.

Figure skating is a beautiful sport where skaters glide across the ice executing moves we cannot imagine doing ourselves. Everyone else might look like Bambi slipping and sliding around on ice, but figure skaters have such finesse and grace.

Pair skating was contested during the figure skating events at the Winter Olympics. This event is performed by partners consisting of a female and male skater. The competition consists of two segments. A short program is skated first, with eight required elements performed within 2 minutes and 50 seconds. All pairs progress to the free skating, where each pair skates for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. There were 20 pairs who competed at the Games. Short program The pairs’ short program was the first figure skating event of the Olympics, and took place on 11 February, with the free skating completed on 13 February.

However, the team was able to get back into shape for the Olympics. Their victory was described as “a rout” [6] The pair had suffered a setback in when Marinin dropped Totmianina during a lift, putting her in the hospital with a concussion. However, Zhang Dan fell on this element and suffered a painful injury to her knee. Since she was temporarily unable to continue, the music was stopped by the event referee.

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Thompson, a Corporate Lawyer from Kitchener, Ontario. He worked in a secondary capacity for Skate Canada until He was also one of the judges who voted Jeff Buttle the Bronze in Torino Brian has run on other teams in previous years, but this year he was going to start his own team. This created a backlash from the conservative skating moms.

Therefore, since the World Figure Skating championships are being held next week (March 30 – April 3) in Boston, first time in the USA in 8 years, I am publishing my own list of seven hot out gay men of Figure Skating.

The duo, the Olympic gold medallists at Pyeongchang last month, led after the short routine yesterday and starred in the free to win by more than 20 points at the Mediolanum Forum. Performing to “La Terre Vue du Ciel”, they reeled off a huge triple twist, a throw triple flip, a triple Salchow-double toe-double toe combination and a side by side triple toe. Spectacular lifts and spins were also part of their display as they scored a record That gave them a record Savchenko now boasts six world titles after previously winning five with Robin Szolkowy.

France’s Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres also kept hold of third to win bronze on He also collected a level four mark for two spins and his step sequence as he scored Chen fell during the short programme of his individual routine at the Olympics so could redeem himself in Milan. American Vincent Zhou, last year’s world junior champion, lies in bronze medal position on

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