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5 of the Best Tropical Islands for Retirees “I love the greens and blues,” says Washington native Deb Crofutt of her new life on a tropical island. “I love the smiles on the faces of everyone I .

Those setting out on their first Caribbean vacation will be amazed with how much there is to do and see. The Caribbean Islands have been steeped in rich history of ancient Mayan ruins, trecherous pirates with buried treasure chests and early explorers seeking the Lost City of Gold. And like them, you will marvel at the Caribbeans natural pristine beauty.

But in order to get the most out of your Caribbean vacation, we highly suggest reading this Caribbean travel guide. Our practical suggestions will enable you to get the trip you have been looking forward to, ensuring your travels into these exotic Caribbean destinations go smoothly, safely, with all the romance, excitement and adventure possible! Before you begin reading this Caribbean vacation guide, please try to get as clear as possible on several things. Answers to these three basic questions will assist you in making the most of this trip.

Now we are well on our way! Steps 1 Plan your trip. Will you be traveling through many parts of the Caribbean or simply en route to your final destination where you will enjoy the majority of your trip? As many of you may still be researching the perfect Caribbean destination, here are some pointers that will help you in your efforts. There are many popular on-line travel companies that offer excellent “destination guides” as part of their website.

Solo Travel in Gorgeous Puerto Rico: My First Caribbean Solo Trip!

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Coats and mittens were provided. Dancing was a big part of our cruise, as always.

Singles trips are the best way to see the world and you don’t need to be an adventurous single person. Take a cruise, a ski trip, visit the castles of Europe, or choose from dozens of other vacations.

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Thomas is the gateway island to the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Fun Fact #1 The U.S. Virgin Islands are the only place in the U.S. where you drive on the left side of the road.

There are more gorgeous beaches along the west coast, such as Anse Chastanet home to a hotel of the same name and Anse Cochon. Even further north, Marigot Bay is a picturesque natural harbour that attracts posh yachts and has a small isthmus of sand, while mile-long Reduit Beach, beside the tourist town of Rodney Bay, is the biggest, and most popular, on the whole island. The reef at Anse Piton, close to the surface so ideal for snorkelling, is home to a wealth of watery wonders. Expect to see sinister trumpetfish hoping to ambush tiddlers, shoals of little squid, slippery moray eels lurking within the coral, gormless looking parrotfish, and scores of curious needlefish.

Trumpetfish are to be found underwater Credit: Highlights include the wreck of the freighter Lesleen M, which sits 30 feet below the surface; night dives, when crustaceans and octopuses come out to play; and trips to Turtle Reef, where hawksbill and green turtles go to graze on seagrass. Hire a local guide from the quaint little village at its base, bring plenty of water, watch your footing on the steep muddy slopes, and keep your fingers crossed for a clear day — cloud cover has a habit of spoiling the view.

Dec 5, at So escape the beach and start exploring. For something more challenging, venture to the interior. Throw in a few thrills by visiting the Rainforest Adventure , around a minute drive inland from the capital, Castries. A gondola takes guests deep into the jungle, where a series of treetop platforms, linked by zip wires, await. But there is an off-road option. The sprawling site, bisected by a river and dotted with ruined and overgrown buildings, where slave labourers endured unimaginable hardships, is now an atmospheric setting for mountain biking.

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Caribbean Caribbean Cruises The Caribbean, a set of more than islands in the heart of the Caribbean Sea spread over an area the size of Argentina, is known for its gleaming blue lagoons, soft white sand beaches with soul-warming sun and its unique and distinct cultural identity. The Caribbean is without a doubt among most visited destinations around the world. Go anywhere in the Caribbean and you will find white or even pink sandy beaches with clear, turquoise-colored water lapping at their shores.

Authentic ports due to their beauty and cleanliness will leave every visitor breathless. Where do you want to go in the Caribbean? So many islands and so little time to visit all of them. We definitely agree that there is no better way to hop from one island to another than on a boat. Caribbean cruise takes you to some of the best islands with its own unique appeal. The Virgin Islands is a central hub of the beautiful Caribbean and at the same time being a hot spot for cruises in the region.

This island is built on land crabs.

Gay Friendly Caribbean Islands

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Arguably the best place to do it in the Caribbean – for any level of ability – is the Cayman Islands, and the waters off sleepy Little Cayman, which include the world-famous Bloody Bay Wall.

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St. Eustatius

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Caribbean The Caribbean is one of the most popular tourist areas in the world. Year after year, millions flock to the small, picturesque islands of the Caribbean. World-renowned for their laid-back, affable ways, travel to the Caribbean is for those who want to make a point of taking it easy. Mile after mile of bleach-white sand leads to the ethereal blue waters that make the region famous. The ubiquitous presence of fruity rum drinks doesn’t hurt, either. Return visitors are common here, and there’s no mystery why.

Besides, Caribbean travel offers so many different kinds of culture and history that one trip is not enough to see it all. Many go to Jamaica , but no further. Others choose the Cayman Islands. But every island has such a fiercely unique identity that is hard to see just one – the experiences you have on Aruba , are going to be far different than if you visit Guadeloupe.

There are three main regions of the Caribbean.

Moving From The Caribbean to the United States (Accent, Questions, etc!)